6 Things To Ask Your Potential General Contractor
General Contractor

Starting up a significant home project requires much planning and complex decisions. Whether you are starting from scratch and doing a brand-new home or diving into a full-scale renovation, it's likely that you will face many challenges. The first thing you should do is have the right General Contractor to back you up. To help you get started, here are six questions to ask before you hire a General Contractor.

1.)   Are you Licensed?

While there are plenty of questions to ask a General Contractor, the most important one is starting with the basics. Make sure they are licensed to do the work. You can ask for a copy of their license or check their name on a state registry. For Texas, you can check a company’s legitimacy by searching their name on the Texas Secretary of State site.

2.)   What’s the Timeline Expectation?

Realistic timelines are essential. A contractor may try to win you over with a ‘too good to be true’ schedule. Make sure that the timeline discussed with a potential contractor seems reasonable. You can also ask about exceptional circumstances if you have a deadline in mind. The contractor should try their best to work with you.

3.)   How does Project Supervision Work?

It can be a little overwhelming when starting a major project with all the people that come and go from your property. It would help if you asked the General Contractor how their supervision system works. Ask if the people coming and going must sign in when going on-site or if they need to check in with someone. You should always feel safe and comfortable, and the General Contractor should have plans in place to ensure that.

4.)   Do you acquire building permits?

A General Contractor should be well versed in building permits. Your project may need various permits depending on what you’re doing, such as HOA Approvals, county permits, city permits, etc. They should know what permits are required for your project and be able to obtain them efficiently.

5.)   What is the Payment Schedule?

It’s always a good idea to figure out what sort of payment schedule your General Contractor expects from you. Discuss payment terms before beginning any work. Ask about the payment amounts, due dates, and any other fees that might occur.

6.)  Do you think there will be any challenges with my project?

Don’t be afraid to ask the General Contractor if they foresee any issues. Sometimes there are challenges highlighted straight out of the gate, but more can appear along the way. Try to be prepared for any problems that may happen and ask the General Contractor how they might help adjust and work with you if things do come up.

We recommend asking these questions to potential General Contractors, ourselves included. At Bat City Builders, LLC, we encourage our clients to discuss all their concerns with us and ask all the questions they can think of. We want you to be comfortable and confident when working with us.