A Choice of Mirrors

How often do you stop and think about your bathroom mirror? Most people would say not very often, if ever. But really, bathroom mirrors are essential, and they do a lot for us. A mirror makes it easier to get ready for the day, and they also add a lot of flair to your bathroom. Mirrors can make a room feel bigger, brighter, and overall, more stylish. A bathroom mirror could also be modest and let other featured items be more prominent, like your sink and fixtures.

Bathroom Mirror

But how do you choose a mirror that really does the job well? We recommend starting with some measurements. You need to look at the size of your sink, the wall space, and the users' height. Ideally, you want the mirror to be above eye level for the tallest person using it. Of course, you want the shorter individuals to still be able to see easily in the mirror too.


If you have a lot of wall space to cover, you may want to consider a large, framed mirror. If you are looking for color and texture, getting a framed mirror can add a lot of that to the rest of your bathroom theme. If you are going for sleek and modern, you've also got limitless frameless mirror options. Frameless is usually a bit less expensive and is very common in modern builds.


Typically, the size of a bathroom mirror is determined by the size of the vanity. Mirrors are usually a few inches narrower than the vanity. If you have a double vanity, though, you will want at least 30 inches of space for each person. 36-inches is considered the premium comfort zone. A 36-inch space is generally thought to be a more spa-like or luxurious feeling. A large mirror also helps to amplify light and can make a room feel larger than it is. If you are working with a large vanity, consider one large mirror to make the space feel more open. If you have high ceilings, you could potentially use 2 tall mirrors side by side to emphasize height. Several long narrow mirrors can sometimes make a room feel a bit taller. It helps highlight the space's size, especially if the mirrors are very long with high ceilings.

Bathroom Mirror

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