A Look into Home Additions

When you love your home and do not want to move even though your family needs more space, home additions are the way to go. We have completed many home additions that include sub-level and second-floor expansions. One of the most important things to consider when designing a home addition is that it must flow with the existing structure and should feel like it has always been a part of your home. Our team can help work through all the issues in finding the perfect design that fits your needs.

Return of investment (ROI) should be at the forefront of discussions for planning a home addition. You need to decide what ROI will suit your needs. If you are intending to stay in your home for a long time after getting a new addition, then you will be investing in the enjoyment of your remodeled home. If you are wanting to sell sometime soon then getting a good ROI is something to consider. We will discuss with you what you want out of your investment and make the plan that suits your needs the best. 

What home addition best suits your needs? There are endless possibilities when getting an addition to your home. We want to sit down and think about what the best thing for you and your family is. What kind of accessibility do you need? If you plan on staying in your home for a long time you may need to consider mobility and how functional the addition will be down the line.

When planning out a home addition it is very important to consider the laws and regulations that are in place for your state. One law our clients often overlook when planning a home addition themselves is the CRZ. The critical root zone (CRZ) is a protected space around trees to keep them from being damaged. In Austin, TX, the required CRZ is calculated using the following: tree diameter in inches X 2 and converted to feet = CRZ. When expanding we need to make sure all additions are within safety limits of the CRZ

Planning an addition is exciting and challenging and there are many things to consider before moving forward on a project of this nature and investing thousands of dollars in planning. Our team can help with an initial assessment to give a general idea of cost and concept before bringing on a full design team.