Should You Remodel or Purchase or Both?
Remodel or Purchase

Each homeowner has a moment when they look around and think to themselves, "If only our house had..." or "I wish this room was...". If you’re asking yourself these questions, then you’re ready for a change. The next thing you have to ask yourself is should you stay, or should you go? Let’s be real, if you like your location in Austin then you’re going to want to stay there.

Is it a good time to sell?

Austin is a seller’s market, but simply because you live in a seller's market does not mean you can always sell. If you enjoy your location but home prices are rising, remodeling might be the safest way to stay put. For example, you sell your house in Austin for $500,000 and you would like to move two neighborhoods over built 10 years newer, with everything else the same as your sold home. This new home could cost $700,000, based on the current Austin market. Remodeling could be the most cost-effective way to get what you want while keeping your location and creating your dream.

How do your financials look?

Purchasing, building, and remodeling can all be very costly. Ensure that you understand all the costs and benefits of any choice you make.

How hard was it to find your home?

Austin has a very low inventory of home which means there are bidding wars for every single house that becomes available. Your first house search was difficult enough. Do you want to do that all over again? If you get lucky enough to win a house bid, you’ll probably need to remodel your house some anyways. What most people are looking for is a first-floor master bedroom, more office space, a centralized kitchen, and updated bathrooms. The trending style in most remodels is minimalist modern. If your existing home already has some of the unique amenities you need, consider remodeling rather than purchasing. When you choose to remodel your own home, you’ll be able to pick your own style. The more specific your preferences and specifications, the more difficult it will be to locate another home with those features and the new items you need.

While there’s no perfect answer for determining whether or not you should sell, build, or remodel, you’ll still have to come to a decision. The choice you make is ultimately up to you, and what fits you, your lifestyle, and your dreams. Contact us to discuss the options that are available and get on the right track toward your dream home.