Site Planning and Safety
Drawing plans with a pencil and calculator on top, along with a tiny wood framed building model

We are Bat City Builders LLC., a professional construction company that understands the disruption a remodeling project can cause in your daily life. The noise, dust, and constant flow of people in and out of your home can be a harrowing experience if not properly handled. We have many processes in place to reduce the impact of these essential activities and ensure safety for all those involved.

Every client has our utmost respect. We feel that it is necessary that every client has a positive experience before, during, and after their project is complete. As we start a project and look at occupying the site, the very first step is planning out a convenient layout for the required facilities and materials. We work with our clients to choose the location for the dumpsters, hand washing station, portable toilets, construction trailer, and materials. All these items need to be placed in an efficient way for our crews but also conveniently for our clients. In addition to wanting the happiness of our clients and crews, we must also comply with CDC guidelines for health and safety, as well as OSHA guidelines for accident prevention.

House being remodeled with a dumpster out front and some work trucks

To give both us and our clients peace of mind, we are now using a camera security system on every job site to monitor workers coming and going. When our workers arrive, they are required to sign a daily log to help track their health and schedules. Additionally, our project managers are either on-site or in communication with our subcontractors daily, to make sure the project remains on schedule and all work is correct and within safety regulations.

Front entrance of a home being remodeled with a sign-in sheet for safety measures

We also take measures to protect the interior of your home while work is going on in specific areas. We will always cover floors in the path to the work area, cover furniture to prevent damage, and install dust barriers. We also have state of the art Air Scrubbers that we use to keep the air clean and further reduce dust and the smell of chemicals.

Inside of a home being remodeled with protective sheets put down on the floor and on the stair railing
A blue air scrubber
An air scrubber and safety coverings on the floor of a house being remodeled

We understand that during this time of Covid-19 there are extra precautions to be taken. In addition to CDC guidelines and OSHA guidelines, we are also following the guidelines set forth by the state of Texas and the City of Austin to protect our clients, employees, and sub-contractors.

If you have any concerns or are ready to start your next project, we would be happy to hear from you.