What Bathroom Counter Height Fits You?

Thinking about remodeling your bathroom? You may have a list a mile long, consisting of things like what type of shower you want, what kind of toilet, flooring, or lighting. Should you go for a modern free-standing tub or perhaps a zero-edge rainfall shower with a custom built-in bench? There are so many fun things to choose from and decide, but one thing sometimes overlooked is figuring out what your bathroom counter height should be to fit your needs. While we think it's essential for things to look fabulous, we also want them to be functional.


The standard height for the bathroom vanity is about 30-32 inches. A standard bathroom vanity is much easier for children to use, so if you have kids, this may be an option you still want to take. There are other options, though. Suppose you compare the standard counter to other countertops in your home, like your kitchen countertop. In that case, you might notice a height difference. Typically, the kitchen countertop is higher than 30-32 inches. It falls closer to the 36-inch range.

Kitchen Countertop

A 36-inch countertop is what we call the ‘comfort height’ countertop. It's becoming more common for remodeled bathrooms or new builds to install comfort height countertops. They are considered more functional and often more luxurious. A higher counter means less strain for your back when bending over, which is why the kitchen counters are almost always at least 36 inches. The kitchen is one of the most active places in the household. Generally, the counters see a lot of use through meal preparation. If you know your kitchen counters' height is a good fit for you, you may want to go ahead and consider that same height for your bathroom. If the counters are too low, take the time and measure out the best fit for you.

These are photos of a remodeled bathroom we did for one of our clients. We ended up floating their bathroom counters and customizing the height to precisely fit their needs.


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